Maps for Sale


The Historical Society of Harford County, Inc.
Maps available FOR SALE at 143 North Main Street, Bel Air, MD
Price shown is unframed and unmatted.

Historic Maps

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Size (1)
$ for Archival (3)
$ for Non-Archival
Jennings and Herricks 1858 (B&W)Harford County36×45 (2)n/a$10.00 each
Jennings and Herricks 1858 (Color)Harford County40×50 (2)$106.00 eachn/a
Jennings and Herricks 1858 (Color)Harford County24×30 (2)$57.00 eachn/a
Jennings and Herricks 1858 (Color)Harford County13×16$25.00 eachn/a
Martenets 1878Harford County35×41 (2)$83.00 each$20.00 each
Martenets 1878Harford County26×30 (2)$59.00 eachn/a
Martenets 1878Harford County13×15$25.00 eachn/a
Colored SchoolsHarford County12×18$16.00 eachn/a
1- and 2-room SchoolsHarford County21×30 (2)$54.00 each$25.00
CanneriesHarford County21×30 (2)$54.00 each$25.00
Mill SeatsHarford County21×30 (2)$54.00 each$25.00
1834 R.R. & CanalsEastern U.S.12×18$25.00 eachn/a
Johnson 1855MD and DE13×16$25.00 eachn/a

Prices shown are for pickup at 143 N. Main Street and subject to 6% Maryland State tax.
Mailing is not currently available.
Most maps here can be custom ordered (and priced) in any size up to 40.75″ in the smaller dimension.
Framing and matting are available at additional cost (inquire on Wednesdays).

(1) Sizes are approximate.
(2) Archival quality maps up to 13×19 may be in stock or may take 1 week; larger than 13×19 have to be ordered (allow a MINIMUM of 2 weeks for delivery).
(3) Prices shown for ARCHIVAL quaility maps up to 13×19 are matte finish;
maps larger than 13×19 are satin finish (matte is available at additional cost).